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Thoughts with French colleagues after officer killed

Fri, 21 Apr 2017

PFEW Chair Steve White

PFEW Chair Steve White

The thoughts of police officers across the UK will be with French colleagues today after reports that a man fired at a bus of French police colleagues in Paris shortly after 9pm (local time) last night, killing one officer and injuring others.

Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: "While don't yet know all the circumstances, our thoughts and sympathies go out to the families and colleagues of all those affected by this tragic attack in Paris.
“Once again, the police family is in mourning and it serves to underline how brave officers are putting their life on the line day in and day out to protect the public. As French colleagues felt the pain of our loss in Westminster last month, we feel theirs tonight.
“Without being certain of how events unfolded, it is difficult to say more, however, in these difficult times it is vital to ensure that police and security services have all the resources that they need to make sure that the public can be protected."

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